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ORSO FARMS, successfully launched in early 2019 with one of California’s largest outdoor flower-grows, is a mix of business entrepreneurs who collectively have more than 150+ years of business success over multiple business platforms: farming, real estate, and brand & product development.

We are passionate about the need to control all aspects of this new and emerging business and to be a leader in the industry, with operations in three CA Unique Regions: Coachella Valley, in the shadows of Pinnacles National Park and Gilroy.

See Orso Farms' Exclusive Cultivars!

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We have been able to capture the benefits of our CBD oil extracted from our estate grown flower in our flavorful Gummies, Cali Kind Gummies are curated to maximize the potential CBD delivery to the body and mind, the Daybreak Gummies will give you the opportunity to catch your breath and enjoy your day, the nighttime Hibernation Gummies with added 10mg of CBN will allow you to unwind and ease into a restful state.

A Cali Kind way to take CBD Hemp extract



"The best smoke ever."

- Duane D.

"The longest smoking pre-roll I've had."

- Jack C.

"I'm a customer for life."

-Charlie D.

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