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Who is Orso Farms?...

We are a mix of business entrepreneurs who collectively saw an opportunity to develop a non-THC business based on the 2018 Farm Bill that removed Hemp from the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).  Collectively, we have more than 150+ years of business success over multiple business platforms, including family farming, real estate and new brand & product development.  We successfully launched the company in early 2019 into the new “Green Rush” with one of California’s largest outdoor flower-grows.  We felt passionately about the need to control all aspects of this new and emerging business, and have positioned ourselves to be a leader in the industry.  To that goal, we have significant operations in three CA Unique Regions: Coachella Valley, in the shadows of Pinnacles National Park and Gilroy.

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We have a Genetics, Plant Development and Flower (a)Greenhouse operation in the Coachella Valley where the weather is ideal for year-round work.  The greenhouses are managed by cultivators that have years of experience in the industry. 

The centerpiece of our Company is our land.  The (b)Farms are contiguous family farms that have been in continuous ownership through several generations.  With multiple generational families both living on and farming our lands, we take immense pride in the stewardship of the properties.  Our farms are Certified Organic, and we follow sustainable farming practices.   Our Farms located in San Benito County are USDA rated as “PRIME FARMLAND”.  With a reliable source of water and a Mediterranean microclimate producing  the highest Average Annual Sunshine for a near coastal area, we have the ideal mix of growing elements for the Hemp Plant.

Strategically positioned on the Santa Clara and San Benito County border, our (c)Facility is large enough to allow us the flexibility to manage our growing business, yet small enough for us to consider ourselves a family operation.  The facility affords us the ability to properly manage and care for our products.  Included on site is our medium scale extraction lab managed by a chemist. Our lab is producing what has been stated to be one of the finest quality finished CBD Oils.

We are very proud of the group of talented individuals we have attracted to our business.  With all California Hemp businesses being a start-up as of the 2019 outdoor growing cycle, it was important that we reached out to people with years of considerable experience growing the marijuana plant in California. There is no shortage of experts that have developed their skills in both indoor and outdoor growing of the marijuana plant and we have settled on several experts to manage and direct this process for us.

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