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Production Facility

The third piece of our end-to-end Hemp Flower business is our world class Production Facility that can manage the Hemp products produced at the Farms and Greenhouse operations.  The Facility includes a newly renovated Headquarters space large enough to allow our many full-time employees ample room to work comfortably.  The property is located on sixty-eight acres which includes a solar field and thirty acres of farmland.


For us to reach our goal of being the best end-to-end Hemp Flower producer we needed a large space that would allow us to set-up the best-in-class processing and production operation we had envisioned.  We required large buildings and environmentally controlled spaces.  We needed to be able to process fresh Flower from the Farms, further trimming the Flower, drying, and storing it in a means that would protect its integrity, and then finishing it for final sale as either bulk Flower or as one of our many retail products.  We were presented with the perfect Facility; just completed in 2009, close to the Farms and easy access on a major road-just off Hwy 101, 1.4 megawatt solar farm, wells, paved work zones and a large freestanding office.

The center piece  of the Facility is the environmentally controlled spaces; 25,000 sq ft and 5,600 sq ft fully insulated and temperature controlled high ceiling buildings.  We have the ability to safely  store more than one hundred thousand pounds of ready for sale Hemp Flower.  We also have an 8,500 sq ft packing shed that has had the vegetable line modified to a Hemp Flower QA sorting line with a drying tray loading station.

We added twenty-five pods to manage the fresh Hemp Flower drying process.  These pods have a rolling floor and accept fresh Hemp Flower drying trays.

We have out buildings and space that allows us to set-up retail product production rooms.  We are currently producing Flower based products and finishing & packing our other products on site.

Our facility has a 1.4 megawatt solar farm located on five acres of the southernmost portion of the property.  This large solar farm produces enough electricity to keep us off the grid. 

In the near future, we will install greenhouses on the property which will allow us to do additional genetic work.

We have many promising prospects for improvements as our business evolves and grows and this great facility allows us to plan for that future.


We have converted a dedicated 800(?) sq ft space into an extraction lab.  JORDAN TO COMPLETE

Jordan Lab 7 24 2020.jpg
ORSO Farms Lab Jordan 1st draw.jpg

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