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About Us

About Us

As the largest producer of Organic hemp flower on the west coast, located in the heart of Central California’s Wine Country, we are passionate about growing quality flower and CBD wellness products you can trust. With our decades of growing expertise, our mission is to provide exceptional estate-grown hemp flower and products never compromising on quality.


Orso Farms is your

Seed to Market source for CBD.


Why Orso Farms?...


Where Your CBD Grows Matters

What makes CBD from our farm so different from other products is the where.  Certified Organic Land. Ideal Coastal California Microclimate. Hemp can be grown anywhere, but for the highest quality CBD, The Where Matters.


How Your CBD is Grown Matters

Using no pesticides or herbicides, we employ advanced plant science techniques for pest management and a strict harvest protocol. We’re committed to protecting the environment and creating safe products for you. The How Matters.


Who Grows your CBD Matters

With over 150 years of experience in agriculture and hemp cultivation, since our inception in 2019, our team has the knowledge to produce the highest quality hemp flower you can trust. This is why we grow our crops with respect for quality, simplicity and transparency at a scale that the industry has not seen before. The Who Matters.

Our Core Values

Passionate People.
Amazing Flower.
Beautiful Farm.

Our Brands

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Genetics, Seeds, & Flower


Located in the Coachella Valley, just south of Palm Springs, is our sixty-acre facility that allows us to work on Hemp Genetics year-round.  We have more than 650,000 sq ft of greenhouse space to develop the latest Hemp varieties, produce seeds in the controlled environment and clones from our Mother Plants. In addition to genetics, much of the greenhouse space is dedicated to the growing of Hemp Flower for sale.  

We are constantly striving to develop the next new strain of World Class Hemp flower. The transplants are shipped up to the Farms in refrigerated box trucks to ensure the integrity and safety of the plants.  Allowing for two growing cycles of Full-Spectrum Flower in the Greenhouses each year, we can supply our customers with fresh Greenhouse Flower twice a year.  This also allows us to bring new strains to market sooner than an outdoor grow can.

Since 2019, our Greenhouses allow us to be an end-to-end vertically integrated Hemp Flower company.  A dedicated on-site manager with years of experience growing the marijuana plants, and plant genetics is his passion, lead our amazing greenhouse team. 

Orso Farms Greenhouses is world class Hemp Greenhouse facility. 

The farms

Central Coast Farms
Sungrown at its Certified Organic Best

Our Farmers


We’ve been farming for generations, learning from the seasons and what nature has to offer. Our Sun Grown Hemp Flower is the result of our passion for this plant and years of experience working with it. In order to grow the best possible organic flowers, we give them the best possible soil, proper watering and nutrients. Our farmers take tremendous pride in their craft and strive for excellence in every season.


Our Farms


Our Family Farms have been in continuous ownership and stewardship for multiple generations. The Farms are nested in the fertile Cienega Valley that is formed by the Gabilan Mountains, the Pacific Plate, pushing up over the North American Plate at the San Andreas Fault.  The valley is famous for being one of the earliest locations of wine grape vineyards in Northern California, planted in 1849, the year before California became a State.  

We have transformed the area that was once home to a thriving grape industry into a thriving Hemp Industry. Our location allows us to benefit from full sun, but also nighttime sea breezes drawing down to the fields and cooling the plants, a balance they thrive in. The soil has remained rich with natural minerals, making it one of the most desirable places for growing Hemp in California.  Our average annual rainfall is under 10 inches per year, and Organic certification and USDA PRIME FARMLAND designation, the conditions could not be more perfect for the best quality Hemp in the country.

Our Farming


The planting begins in June, before the hottest days of summer arrive.  We plant on raised beds with targeted drip tape irrigation promoting water conservation. Every twelfth row we dedicate a pair of beds planted with Beneficial Flowers.  The flowers are what you might find in your backyard garden.  They attract beneficial bugs such as bees and lady bugs to live in their flowers and then hunt in the Hemp flower for harmful bugs. The practice of using beneficial beds is nature’s way of fighting insects without pesticides.

By late-September the first of the Hemp flowers are ready for harvest.  We hand harvest, selecting each cola for its size, color and firmness.  The Flower is removed from the spear and packed for transportation to be dried at our Processing Facility that is 28 miles away.

Post-Harvest work in the fields begin the day after the Flower is cut from the plant.  We return 90% of the Hemp plant back to the soil, by shedder and mixing it back in. Before the winter rains arrive, we plant a targeted mix of seeds as an off-season cover crop replacing and adding needed nutrients naturally to our soils.

Being stewards of the land we practice Rotational Planting a different crop each season on different areas of the farm.  This system of changing crops each year allows for the soil to naturally repair itself and for the insects and pathogens to not to get a hold on the site. 



As any Hemp or Cannabis grower knows, Growing is only half the battle. Harvesting and curing the flower, preserving all the hard work and energy that went to the plant is the other. Our State-of-the-Art processing facility located in Gilroy, California, sets a new Standard for the Hemp Industry. While the farm is the heart of Orso Farm, our Gilroy facility is the brains.

After harvesting in the field, the product is transported on a quick drive to Gilroy. The hemp is sorted through our quality control line and placed in our proprietary curing chambers. These curing chambers preserve the aroma, freshness and unique characteristics of our varieties.

At Orso Farms, we take pride in our facilities and the way we store our flower. Our 40,000 square foot climate-controlled cooler is automated to maintain the flower at the optimal temperature and humidity to keep the flower at peak freshness. Our methods ensure that you’ll never find any old stale barn stored flower with Orso Farms.

After everything we’ve done to ensure the quality of our curing process, it’s time to get your flower ready for market. Our 8,000 sq ft trimming facility at Gilroy is the last stop. Here our expert trimmers perform the manicure of the flower and prepare the flower for packaging or extraction. Orso Farms continues to take the next step in making our flower as fresh upon consumption as when it was harvested. Your packaged products are hermitically sealed with nitrogen gas to ensure that when you receive your products – they will be as fresh as the day they were harvested and cured.

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