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Genetics, Seeds, Cloning and Flower

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Located in the Coachella Valley, just south of Palm Springs, is our sixty-acre facility that allows us to work on Hemp Genetics year-round.  We have more than 650,000 sq ft of greenhouse space to develop the latest Hemp varieties, grow seeds in the controlled environment and clone from our “Mother Plants.”  Much of the greenhouse space is dedicated to the growing of Hemp Flower for sale.  The former home of a flower nursery, the facility is well outfitted for our purposes.

We purchased the facility in the summer of 2019 to add to our portfolio of properties and facilities that allow us to be an end-to-end vertically integrated Hemp Flower enterprise.  We immediately started to work on our 2020 growing plan and developed several new varieties for planting at the Farms.

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The facility is remote to the main businesses located in the central coastal region of California, leading us to have a dedicated on-site manager with years of experience growing the marijuana plant and plant genetics is his passion. 

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We are constantly striving to develop the next new strain of desirable Hemp flower and may at any time have up to ten new strains growing.  We are striving to develop strains that are desirable for our consumers and will grow successfully at our Farms.

The facility will both produce seeds for direct burial and clone transplants for the Farms.  The transplants will be shipped up to the Farms in refrigerated box trucks to ensure the integrity and safety of the plants.   Allowing for two growing cycles of Full-Spectrum Flower in the Greenhouses each year, we can supply our customers with fresh Greenhouse Flower twice a year.  This also allows us to bring new strains to market sooner than an outdoor grow can.

We are striving to be a world class Hemp Greenhouse facility. 

We continue to invest in the facility and push it to be the best it can be. 

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